This catalog contains descriptions for services which are included on school districts' annual service contracts.

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Abbreviated Service Description Summary

CESA 5 Professional Networks

General Services (GS)

  • District Membership Fee (GS01)
  • Driver's Education (GS02)

Instructional Services (SI-CT-SH)

Educational Technology (ET)

  • Instructional Technology Support Service - ITSS (ET01)
  • Special Educational Instructional Materials Center - SEIMC (ET02)
  • Technology Support Specialist (TS01)

Coordinated Services (CS)

  • Coordinated Services for Districts (CS01)

Special Education (SP) (Section One)            

  • Assistive Technology Specialist (SP01)
  • Audiologist (SP02)
  • Audiology Access (SP03)
  • Autism Support Specialist (SP04)
  • Classroom for the Intellectually Disabled (SP05)
  • Early Childhood Classroom (SP06)
  • Educational Interpreter (SP07)
  • Classroom of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (SP08)
  • Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing - Itinerant (SP09)
  • Occupational Therapy (SP10)
  • Orientation & Mobility - Itinerant (SP11)
  • Physical Therapy (SP12)
  • School Psychology Services (SP13)
  • SEEDS4Schools (SP14)
  • Special Education Leadership (SP15a)
  • Special Education Fiscal Management (SP15b)
  • Speech and Language Therapy (SP16)
  • Virtual Secretary (SP17)
  • Classroom of the Visually Impaired (SP18)
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired -  Itinerant (SP19)
  • Virtual Speech (SP20)

Alternative Education (AE)

  • Reach Academy for Elementary (AE01)
  • Columbia Marquette Adolescent Needs School - COMAN (AE02)
  • Juneau County Adolescent Needs - JCAN (AE03)
  • Juneau County Charter School (AE04)
  • Sauk County Adolescent Needs School - SCAN (AE05)
  • Wood County Alternative School - WCAS (AE06)
  • Waupaca County Charter School - WCCS (AE07)
  • Project SEARCH at Kalahari (AE08)